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White Chocolate

EXTRAS + 75¢

Soy Milk
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Extra Espresso Shot

OAT MILK +$1.25

DTC Salty Dog Caramel Ice Coffee

DTC Specialty! 24-hour cold brewed ice coffee, sweetened with deep bitter caramel, topped with sea salt infused foam.

$4.75 sm / $5.25 med / $5.75 lg

Our Organic Locally Roasted Coffee Selection

DTC Signature Organic Espresso
We're proud of our complex and delicious blend of  pre-roasted dark East African, Brazilian Cerrado, and strictly high grown Central American beans blended with lighter roasted Central American and Colombian beans resulting in a deep, rich, and layered flavor profile.  
Taste: Heavy, dark,  yet smooth and comforting with rich crema, toasted hazelnut, sweet black cherry and dark cacao. Though sweet and rich on its own, our Espresso cuts through milk and leaves a chocolate-nougaty aftertaste.

DTC DARK House Roast
Our organic Dark House Brew is made from both pre and post-roast blends of shade grown beans from various organic co-ops in Peru and Central America, and fair trade organic Ethiopian.
Taste: Thick rich crema, strong and decadent, with berry notes and fudge. So smooth and easy to drink - both black and with milk. 

DTC LIGHT House Roast
Our signature low-acid light roast is direct trade from an organic farm in Espirito Santo, a coastal state north of Rio, Brazil, with an elevation of 1100m. This coffee is a semi-washed and sun-dried sweet blend of several varieties of beans including Peaberries, Catuacai, Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Caturra, which allows just the right amount of acidity and body balance.   
Taste: Smooth and creamy, low acid, with notes of vanilla, milk chocolate, almond and a touch of fruit. 

DTC Decaf:  Using only Swiss Water Processed Coffee from Peru and Mexico, this blend is a fine example of a bolder decaf, one that is always big on flavor, due to the Reverse Osmosis process that Swiss Water goes through.
Taste: Toffee and nougat. So sweet, deep and complex, you'll wonder if it's really decaf.

Our Organic Loose Leaf Teas

We source our superior quality organic tea from growers all over the world who adhere to strict quality control standards. Our fair trade and organic tea suppliers must follow a certified organic production system which relies on ecologically based practices which excludes the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.