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Dogtown Coffee (DTC) worked hard to become the professional company that it is today. It is a world-known brand with a dedicated following, both local and beyond. DTC looks to share its story and quality onward and outward. Below are two opportunities to become involved and be a part of the success.


The Dogtown Coffee motto is “come for the story and stay for the quality.” It encapsulates both its namesake history and the tastefulness of the offerings. After close to a decade of operations, the brand is ready for franchising.

The DTC systems have been perfected through years of high volume sales. Furthermore, the company adapted through COVID, which enhanced its abilities and knowledge.

DTC opened its first licensed store at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica (Aug 2019). This vanguard relationship prepared the brand for further expansion.

DTC is looking for accredited operators, interested in franchising.

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    Sharing the Dogtown Coffee Story with Your Business
    We are enthusiastic about sharing our Dogtown Coffee story with our business partners and their customers. If you are a hotel, café, restaurant, market, office, or another business and would like to learn more about having the Dogtown Coffee story be a part of your business, please inquire below.

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