Listen, we know what it’s like to crave—almost desperately need—your daily dose of caffeine. It becomes almost a lifestyle for some people who cannot start their day off properly without it. That’s why one of the scariest horror stories you can possibly imagine as a coffee lover is running out of coffee when you so desperately need a cup or running out of money to buy your favorite brew at a coffee shop!

So, how do you stop that from happening? By ordering a coffee subscription service, of course! There are many benefits to purchasing one for yourself or your loved ones, and we’ve listed all of them below. We hope we can encourage you to enjoy high-quality in the safety and comfort of your own home at a bargain!

1. You’ll Always Have a Steady Supply of Coffee

There’s nothing worse than waking up sleepy and groggy in the morning only to find out you’re out of coffee! When you’re so busy working or taking care of the kids, it’s easy to run out of your favorite brew.

With Dogtown Coffee’s subscription service, you can be sure that you’ll always have a steady stream of your favorite drink ready for you at home, hassle-free. Now, you won’t have to worry about running to the grocery store for coffee or risk being late for errands just to stop by your local coffee shop (though we could never say no to saying hi to our customers)!

2. You’ll Always Have a Cup of Coffee When You Need It

People enjoy their coffee differently. While others enjoy a nice cup or two once in a while, others gulp down an entire coffee every morning. While others prefer drinking it in the mornings to wake them up, others prefer drinking it throughout the day and sometimes even well into the night.

By getting a coffee subscription service, you can ensure that you’ll have coffee delivered to your doorstep according to your schedule. At Dogtown Coffee, you can choose whether you’d prefer delivery every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 1 month!

3. You’ll Be Drinking Fresh Coffee

Did you know that the longer you leave coffee unused and especially unsealed, the staler it tastes? The coffee beans’ freshness dissipates the longer you leave them unused even if they’re still in the bag!

Additionally, you’re not entirely sure if the coffee you’re buying at your local supermarket even is fresh! They could have been sitting on the shelves for months for all you know. And while the expiry date or best before date might still be weeks away, you can taste the difference between freshly-roasted coffee and stale coffee immediately.

So, be good to yourself by only drinking freshly-roasted coffee. With a weekly or monthly subscription service, you’re making sure that you’re getting coffee that’s at its peak!

4. You Can Choose What Kind of Coffee You Want

There are multiple ways of having your coffee. With grinds, you have the option of picking out auto drip, course, drip, electric percolator, espresso, find, regular percolator, Turkish, and whole bean. For the roast, you can have it dark, decaf espresso, espresso, and mild.

Your preferred blend and type of coffee might be hard to find at your local supermarket. They are either always out of stock, making coffee a luck-based endeavor for you, or they never stock, period! On top of that, they might be either too small or too big for your taste, too expensive for your budget, too stale, and so on.

With our coffee subscription service, you know you’ll always get the coffee you enjoy the most. Our handy drop-down menus let you choose what grind and roast you’d prefer. It’s as simple as that!

5. You Have Full Control Over Your Coffee

While a ton of us love our caramel macchiatos and pumpkin spice lattes sometimes, we have to admit that sometimes it’s not the healthiest option around. You’re not too sure about how much sugar and dairy are added to your drink, and eventually, that’s going to take a toll on your waistline.

If you brew your own coffee, however, you’re in full control of your coffee. You can decide how much sugar to add, what milk to use, and even add in ingredients that coffee shops don’t usually have. This is perfect for those with food restrictions or allergies because there is zero possibility of their coffee having ingredients they don’t want.

Additionally, playing around with your coffee can be so much fun! There are so many ways to drink it. You can change your coffee depending on the season (pumpkin spice for Halloween, gingerbread cookie for Christmas), add in alcohol or ice cream, and even learn how to do foam art.

6. You Save Money in the Long Run

Money-wise, there are a lot of reasons why subscribing to a coffee subscription service is easier on the wallet.

Firstly, you don’t have to drive everywhere anymore. Say goodbye to driving to the grocery store or your nearest coffee shop just for some coffee. With rising prices of gas these days, this will help you save that money you’d otherwise spend and put it into something more important.

Secondly, you won’t have to deal with coffee shops as much. At the end of the day, many coffee shops are still businesses that sell their coffee at higher prices. You could be paying extra for the skill their baristas have, the view their shop boasts, and the ambiance they have. You’re also tempted to indulge in a sandwich or a cookie from their food selection. Heading to a coffee shop is great once in a while, but if you’re just looking for a cup of coffee, then you’re better off making it yourself.

Lastly, many subscription services offer discounted prices, especially if you buy a ton of coffee in one go. Others also do crazy sales to celebrate a milestone or a special occasion, like a grand re-opening or Black Friday! It’s always a good idea to check your coffee shop’s online store to find the next great deal to score.


If you’re interested in getting a coffee subscription for yourself, we highly encourage you to visit Dogtown Coffee’s website here. We offer a very flexible subscription service as well as other fun goodies and merchandise! Otherwise, call us at (310) 310-3421 or visit us at 2003 Main St. in Santa Monica, CA.