Dogtown Coffee was born out of one simple mission: to help preserve the Dogtown history, while connecting the people of Santa Monica through good coffee and tasty eats. And for almost 10 years now, that’s precisely what our team has been doing thanks to all the support our shop has received to keep our business running. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have found our own small community of coffee lovers and breakfast burrito enthusiasts who have made DTC their go-to Santa Monica breakfast shop for all of their breakfast needs. 

Even when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and Dogtown temporarily shut down its indoor cafe, that didn’t stop our customers from making their daily trips for locally brewed Santa Monica coffee, Salty Dogs and Ranchero Burritos. It’s truly been inspiring to witness the outpour of love our community has shown for Dogtown Coffee during those unprecedented times. For this exact reason, we knew we had to find a way to say thank you to those who have stuck beside us during all these years, something special for our supporters as a token of our gratitude and appreciation. And thus plans for the grand reopening of DTC were officially set in motion.

It had been months of careful planning in the making but in April of 2022, Dogtown Coffee was finally ready to reveal some of its biggest surprises yet. Perhaps the most exciting was reopening our indoor cafe doors to the public, as we always knew this was the number one thing our guests missed the very most at the shop. Now, for the first time in two years, customers can once again walk into Dogtown Coffee and order their Santa Monica coffee live at the register, just like old times. And let us tell you, it has been such an incredible joy seeing both our old-time regulars and new customers alike walk into our shop and immerse themselves in the full DTC experience. 

Besides our reopening, we also included several other surprises, like more live performances for guests to enjoy on their weekend coffee runs, increased patio seating for all our friends, and, another one of our personal favorite surprises, multiple ways to place an order. While we very much love seeing and talking to folks at the register, we want to offer maximum efficiency for those who would rather skip the line altogether and get their coffee ASAP. That’s why we’ve implemented two self-checkout kiosks around the DTC premises- one inside the cafe and another outside on Bay Street. We even have an app available for download that allows mobile ordering so you can skip the wait whenever you’re in a crunch for time but still need some of the best coffee Santa Monica has to offer. 

Here at DTC, we love serving coffee. But more than that, we love serving our community. Our customers have done so much to support DTC over the years, so it only made sense to put together this special reopening made just for all of you who have stuck beside Dogtown Coffee for all these years. From the bottom of all our hearts here at the DTC team, thank you. 

And stay tuned for more! Dogtown Coffee has a couple of other surprises up our sleeves. You may even walk into the shop one day to find new menu items like IPA and beef tacos…

This blog is brought to you by Dogtown Coffee, a local Santa Monica coffee shop and home to the munchies breakfast burrito.