Jim Muir was born in Venice but grew up in Santa Monica. He started skateboarding in 1963. He surfed all over Santa Monica and Venice in his youth. At first, skateboarding was about bombing hills and seeing how fast one could go. The equipment was primitive. Metal and clay wheels. Trucks that wouldn’t turn. He began to make his own skateboards in high school woodshop class. Jim went to school with Bob Biniak and Wentzl Ruml and they were usually surfing and skating together. Once on Zephyr, they started doing the same with Tony Alva and the rest of the team. Once the Paul Revere school had new blacktop poured on its long steep walls, the Z-Boys were regularly charging hard and practicing surf moves. Pools would soon follow. Jim would work in the Zephyr shop and cemented his place on the Zephyr team. He’d go on to form Dog Town Skates which continues to this day.