Tony Alva is a child of Santa Monica. As usual, he surfed and when it was flat, he’d go skateboarding. Tony had a unique style and power that others lacked and is widely regarded as the Godfather of pool skating. Jay Adams and others always said, “Tony was usually a step ahead of everyone. He was simply better.” In August of 1977, he flew out of the Dog Bowl on his skateboard and ushered in a new age in skateboarding. We could fly. It sent a signal around the world. While other skaters were riding for surf companies that made skateboards, Tony started Alva Skates and would be the first to bring his own brand to the world. A skateboard company, owned by a skateboarder. In the following years, Tony experienced all the ups and downs life can throw at us. He surfed, played music and skated. Reinventing himself again and again, he kept Alva Skates pure. The life blood. Source. Untainted… All these years later, Tony still inspires everywhere he goes.