• By Ozzie Ausband
  • / December 12, 2022

Christmas is right around the corner. It is a time to gather with family, exchange gifts, and spread holiday cheer. As fun as it is to watch Christmas movies in your pajamas, too much screen time can cause problems. Many families find themselves glued to their devices, whether that be television, cell phones, computers, or tablets. This holiday season, make time to connect more with your loved ones with engaging activities like sharing a Santa Monica breakfast

First, let’s discuss the reasons why spending too much time looking at screens is harmful.

  • Spending long hours looking at a screen can hinder your health. Studies have shown that excessive use of mobile devices is linked to higher levels of stress, symptoms of depression, and issues with sleeping. 
  • Persistent use of social media can cause you to feel fatigued and even negatively impact your psychosocial well-being. 
  • Constant phone notifications can be very distracting, especially when you should be spending quality time with loved ones for the holidays.

As you head into the holiday season, consider turning off your email notifications, logging out of your social media accounts, and just being present in the moment. Looking for activities to keep you busy? Let’s explore some ways that you can connect more with your family.

How to Avoid Screens During the Holidays

After shutting down your screen devices, you will need to find engaging ways to connect and make memories with your loved ones. Here are some ideas to think about:

Go to a coffee shop in Santa Monica

Invite your loved one to have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat somewhere.

Looking for the best coffee in Santa Monica? Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or peppermint mocha latte at Dogtown Coffee.

Make handwritten holiday cards

Instead of trying to take the “perfect” photos to post on social media, spend time writing special holiday cards to your loved ones. If you have little children, you can have them join in and help decorate the cards.

Go on an adventure

After you have had your coffee in Santa Monica, it is time to go on an adventure! If you are full of energy, why not try an activity like an escape room in town? Or, you can check out a comedy club and have a good laugh. Perhaps there is a karaoke bar in your neck of the woods where you can take friends and family to belt out your favorite tunes. 

Play a board game

Instead of zoning out at the television all night, why not try out an activity that requires concentration and is relatively quiet. A board game can be very mentally stimulating and fun. 

Even though technology helps us feel close when we are far apart from our loved ones, too much time on our phones, tablets, or computers can be detrimental. This holiday season, challenge yourself to stay off the screen devices and be present with your loved ones. Experience the joy of Christmas with a hearty Santa Monica breakfast and quality time with family.