We all know Santa Monica is the king of adventures. From the Promenade lined with boutiques that sell everything you could ever imagine and delicious Santa Monica breakfast shops, idyllic beaches that host thrill-seekers and laid back loungers alike, and other peculiar and one-of-a-kind experiences, Santa Monica has something for everyone. That’s just the kind of city it is; varied, so as to reflect the tastes and interests of its inhabitants. But this isn’t just limited to humans, even dogs and pups have their share of opportunities to enjoy a nice day out thanks to Santa Monica’s pet-friendly attitude. 

Dogs make up an important part of Santa Monica. Besides being diligent companions, they remind us all that life is best lived with sincerity and high hopes. They perfectly emulate that neighborly and adventurous SaMo spirit, which is probably why they fit in so well with the ebb and flow of the daily lifestyle in this community. All of this is to say- our dogs are Santa Monicans, just like the rest of us, and every now and then they deserve a day out to enjoy the sunny weather, tasty treats, and all of their other favorite things. 

Don’t know where to start? Here, we’ll cover 5 of the best pet-friendly locations in Santa Monica to help you plan the best day possible for you and your pup. 

1.) Dogtown Coffee

While the name ‘Dogtown’ has no actual connections to our four-legged friends, Dogtown Coffee welcomes dogs all the same. Our shaded outdoor Shack has the perfect laid-back atmosphere for dogs to chill out and enjoy the Santa Monica vibes while their owners power up with one of Santa Monica’s best coffees, the Salty Dog. We also offer a menu full of rustic and health-conscious treats that are sure to energize you for a day of adventures with your dog, like our ranchero breakfast burrito and granola bowl.

2.) Santa Monica Pier

From shops, restaurants, vendors, attractions, street performers, and more, Santa Monica Pier has non-stop entertainment for all. It’s the perfect spot to check out if the entire family is coming along for this dog’s day adventure. While the little ones are going for a spin on the carousel, you and your pup can wait on the sides and bask in the warm weather, ocean views, and sea salt breeze. Although dogs aren’t allowed on the beach or in the shops, leashed dogs are more than welcome to hang out on the pier itself, the boardwalk, and all other surrounding areas. 

3.) Venice Boardwalk

Is your pup a big fan of the ocean? Don’t let the fun stop at Santa Monica Pier- take them out to visit Venice Boardwalk too! The 2-mile stretch between the two beaches can be done as a leisurely stroll, or you could bring your bike and have your pup trot by your side so they can feel the wind between their fur. Again, dogs are only permitted on the boardwalk and must be leashed, but that doesn’t mean your dog won’t still enjoy taking a walk around the palm tree-lined pathways. 

4.) Santa Monica Bluffs Hiking Trail 

Escape the city with your pup and return to nature with this 1.8-mile out-and-back hiking trail in Santa Monica. Rated an easy level of difficulty with little incline and even pathways, this hike takes about 50 minutes to finish. Paired with incredibly scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and chattering wildlife, it’s no wonder this hike is incredibly popular among dog owners and other Santa Monicans looking to get in their daily exercise. Just make sure you fuel up with some Santa Monica coffee and pack some extra water and treats in case your dog tires out!

5.) Pacific Street Dog Park 

Does your dog love to socialize with other furry friends? Head over to Pacific Street Dog Park! This park is fenced in and allows dogs to be off-leash so they can play and run around to their heart’s content. It also features plenty of shade, seating, and water fountains so both you and your pup feel can feel comfortable while visiting. But be aware- all dogs must have a registered license in the city of Santa Monica in order to have access to the park. Check out Santa Monica’s Community Service Department’s official website for more information on licensing dogs. 

Busy Schedule? Check Out Shannon’s K9s

Of course, we all love our pups and want to dedicate all our time to them, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Life can get busy, but that doesn’t mean our pets shouldn’t get the attention and love they need. Luckily, Santa Monica has resources like Shannon’s K9s available to help owners care for and look after their pups. Shannon’s K9s was born out of a passion for animals and providing both owners and their pets with a dog caring experience, unlike the rest. This team of committed pet walkers and caretakers provide services like hikes deep in Santa Monican nature that put an emphasis on exploration and socialization. It’s the perfect blend of exercise, stimulation, and fun for dogs, all while freeing up time for their owners to take care of other responsibilities. It’s a win-win for everyone, but especially for dogs as they get to go out and enjoy the wonders of Santa Monica in a safe and playful environment.

If you’re interested in Shannon’s K9s and their services, head over to to learn more about their mission and awesome team.

This blog is brought to you by Dogtown Coffee, a local Santa Monica coffee shop and home to the crowd’s favorite Salty Dog cold brew coffee.