At Dogtown Coffee, we like to say our customers come for our story but stay for our quality. It’s true- DTC has a story that sure does separate us from the other Santa Monica breakfast spots, all thanks to the values our team has committed to preserving with everything they do. It goes without saying that we take our company values seriously because we know they are what make us the individualistic establishment Santa Monicans know and love. Not only that, but we truly believe in the goals we set out to accomplish, which is why we work hard to keep them at the forefront of our business. 

Almost 10 years ago, Dogtown Coffee was born with one main purpose- to keep the spirit of Dogtown alive. After all, our shop is located in the very same spot Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions once stood. The intention was always to remind Santa Monicans of the footprint these skate and surf legends have left on our community and honor their grit, innovation, and rebellion. From there, our business grew and with it, our values did too as we began to realize over time what mattered to us most.

As more and more people heard about us, we saw countless customers walk through our doors to witness the Dogtown frame of mind for themselves. Much to our appreciation, we found our mission resonated with so many individuals who were thrilled to grab a coffee and spend their day basking in the inspiring energy of the shop. From then, we knew an important cornerstone of Dogtown Coffee had become to provide a space for like-minded Santa Monicans to come together and perceive their community through a new lens. We are so very proud to operate a spot where customers can put a pause on life and walk into the free-spirited world of Dogtown, spending afternoons making memories and sharing meals before continuing with the rest of their day. In fact, we hold this value so close, that when the pandemic shut down indoor dining, we decided to build The Shack, an outdoor dining area so customers could still enjoy a cup of Santa Monica’s best coffee with peace of mind. Intending to be a temporary structure, The Shack soon became a crowd favorite and we were once again able to provide our customers with the complete Dogtown experience they’d come to expect. 

Of course, we also wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t have a love for food and coffee. From our inception, Dogtown has always believed in health-conscious eating. There are so many incredible benefits healthy eating provides for our body and mind, but there’s an unfortunate misconception that it’s ‘boring’ or ‘bland’. Part of our mission is to break this assumption through fun and inspired menu options that use fresh and nutritious ingredients. Suffice to say, we’ve definitely been successful. With this mindset, we’ve been able to create dozens of healthy breakfast and lunch options that pack a punch in both flavor and nutrition, like our munchies burrito that features scrambled organic egg, fresh avocado, creamy white cheddar cheese, tater tots, a delicious pico de gallo and chipotle sauce, your choice of protein, and a warm wheat tortilla. Even our coffee is organic, ethically sourced, and brewed right here in Santa Monica. Honestly, experimenting in the kitchen to come up with new and exciting menu items just might be one of our favorite parts of operating a Santa Monica coffee shop. Not only is it a chance to let creativity flow, but nothing quite compares to a reward like presenting our customers with fresh flavors to start their morning right. 

Our values also have a lot to do with empathy and a celebration of the community we share together. Santa Monica is characterized by its diversity, so we work hard to create a friendly space where everyone can feel welcomed, no matter their walk in life. That’s why our menu is inclusive of so many diets, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Not to mention we also have a post-workout smoothie for the protein buffs, refreshing lemonade and creamy iced chocolates for our friends who rather not get a caffeine rush, and acai bowls for the sweet tooths. But we don’t stop there- Dogtown Coffee also offers a special meal donation program where customers can choose to add on a $10 donation to their purchase that would go towards supplying local hospitals with special DTC treats. Our goal here is to spread kindness, as well as empower Santa Monican healthcare workers and thank them for their incredible work, strength, and commitment to the community during such difficult times. Sure enough, this program has been met with incredible success, which is a true testament to the compassion and unity that runs rampant in the city we’re proud to call home. 

As we approach our 10th birthday, we’re amazed at how much our Santa Monica coffee business has grown over the years. However, we know none of this would’ve been possible if it weren’t for our amazing customers who heard our story, found truth in what we stand for, and chose to support us so we may continue our endeavors. In doing so, our own mission doesn’t just belong to us anymore. It’s evolved into a community-wide effort, and for that, we couldn’t be more thankful. And to show this thanks, we have a couple of surprises up our sleeve! We’ll be keeping the specifics hidden for just a while longer, but if you read this blog close enough, you just might be able to catch just what a couple of them are…

This blog is brought to you by Dogtown Coffee, home of the local favorite munchies breakfast burrito, and other delicious and iconic Santa Monica breakfast items.