If there’s anything that the last year has taught us, it’s that there are two things people can’t bear to live without: toilet paper and coffee. Dogtown Coffee has been serving the Santa Monica community for over 8 years, becoming a local hotspot for coffee-enthusiasts and health-conscious foodies. Our growth over the last few years has prompted the creation of new menu items like our freshly added beer selection and new services like our coffee subscription. But none of it was easy. Especially this last year, when we suffered the financial, logistical, and emotional strain of a global health crisis. 

No one was prepared for the drastic consequences of the pandemic. Santa Monica, one of the most vibrant cities in LA County, became a ghost town. Like most restaurants, we were forced to stack up our tables and chairs and temporarily shut our doors to the public. Indoor dining was prohibited. For many months, we felt the ice-cold grip of isolation. We had to reconcile our need to survive as a business and our genuine concern for the health of our customers and employees.

The road hasn’t been easy, but we have a great dedication to our community and our promise to serve exceptional coffee and food. The recent reopening of outdoor dining has allowed our customers the chance to reclaim Dogtown Coffee as their hang-out spot. In addition to revamping our menu, we designed a beautiful outdoor patio area called The Shack in which customers can feel free to enjoy their meal and see some friendly DTC faces (with face coverings, of course). For our customers who are still less inclined to dine out, our takeout, delivery, and coffee subscription options allow them to satisfy their DTC craving from the comfort of their own home. 

As a non-essential service, many restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic. But there is something to be said about the number of people still craving the food and beverages from their favorite local eateries. It’s comforting. Dogtown Coffee has pervaded the Santa Monica scene for years, becoming the favorite coffee spot for many. People drive from miles inland just to sip on a Salty Dog Iced Coffee or bite into that savory Munchies Burrito. We present our food and drinks with pride because we know that the quality of ingredients and attention to detail is second to none. The pandemic has forced us to take stock of what’s important and adjust our service to fit the needs of the community. We are eternally grateful for the support of our friends, family, and customers during this uncertain time. Here are some of the kind words that our customers have shared about our operation since the pandemic started: 

“Delicious coffee and tasty food! Have long loved this spot for weekend breakfast or a post-beach snack! It can get busy on the weekends, but it’s worth the wait. Cannot recommend the vegan munchies burrito enough – and I’m not vegan! They have also turned their patio into a COVID-safe takeout booth. No need to go inside, just grab your food and go!” —Mary D.  

“I have no idea if Dogtown was a walk-up coffee bar pre-COVID with digital ordering outside but, it was a seamless way to place an order and have it filled. (…) Kudos to Dogtown for their innovative way to greet customers and keep the Java flowing.” —Julie R. 

“Their munchies breakfast burrito was delightfully refreshing. (…) It had the perfect amount of each ingredient, making sure to get each component in every bite. The chipotle sauce was a nice touch- dynamic flavor without being (too) spicy. (…) The coffee was also enjoyable. The take out ordering through Yelp made it super easy to grab and go!” —Kelsey P. 

“One of my favorite weekend spots to grab good coffee and a breakfast burrito to take down to the beach. They have a nice outdoor self-order system, with plenty of menu options.” —Karla I. 

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