One of the things we can all appreciate about Santa Monica is the diverse community that cohabitates within it. Here at Dogtown, we like to highlight these communities, since they each play a huge role in defining us as the one-of-a-kind space you can’t quite experience anywhere else. From skaters shredding downtown to foodies hunting down the best breakfast in Santa Monica, there’s no shortage of individuals who are shaping the city in one way or another. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Santa Monica farmers and the Main Street Farmers Market for this week’s community close-up to celebrate the benefits of shopping locally and the role these hard workers play in keeping our city interesting, healthy, and green. 

The story behind Santa Monica farmers and the Main Street farmers market

When the Main Street Farmers Market first opened, their objective was incredibly simple- to make quality, locally sourced, and reasonably priced produce more accessible for all Santa Monicans. To say they’ve met this goal would definitely be an understatement. Today, thousands of people stop by the market to shop from dozens of vendors selling organic and locally-harvested foods. In fact, it’s now the largest certified grower-only farmers market in Southern California. But what exactly makes this shopping experience so special is the farmers behind it. Driven by their passion for agriculture and all things related, these farmers are able to use the market as a stage for them to share the fruits of their labor (literally) and encourage others to continue shopping locally. Because of this, they’ve helped foster a certain attitude that runs rampant among Santa Monicans- one that revolves around shopping at small businesses in the name of healthy eating, community, sustainability, and investing back into our local community. 

Here’s why you should shop locally

There are plenty of reasons why shopping locally is so worthwhile. Let’s take a look at what happens when you check out the Main Street Farmers Market after your Sunday morning visit to your favorite Santa Monica coffee shop

Keep your fridge interesting

At farmers markets, you’ll be able to shop from tons of seasonal items and exotic produce that you just can’t quite find at your traditional grocery store. So if you’re a big fan of diverse foods and an interesting diet, this farmers market is just the spot for you. 

Support your community

It goes without saying that shopping locally can directly benefit those who you’re buying from. When you buy from small businesses, you’re supporting something valuable- your neighbors. That’s to say, you’re helping your community put food on their table, or enroll their kids in local activities… which is always something we can get behind. 

Reduce your environmental impact

If you’re looking for a more sustainable lifestyle, shopping locally is the way to go. Since local farmers don’t have to transport much of their materials and grow their crops right here in the Santa Monica area, they only have to use a fraction of the amount of gas corporations use, leading to less pollution and a happier Earth. Some Santa Monica farmers are even specially dedicated to environmentally safe farming and sustainable business practices.

Watch out for your health

One of the biggest drawbacks to a clean diet can be the price tag if you don’t know where to shop. Fortunately, most local businesses, like the farmers at the Main Street Farmers Market or even the best Santa Monica coffee shops, are committed to serving high quality and organic products for reasonable prices so you can fuel your body with foods that are equally delicious and healthy. 

Reinvest in Santa Monica

When you buy local, you’re keeping your money in the Santa Monica economy. Not only that, but by supporting these farms, you also help to create more jobs for our fellow Santa Monicans as these growing businesses need to hire more help. Both of these are crucial for keeping our economy self-sufficient and strong, which is why we definitely encourage supporting our farming community and other small businesses. 

Visiting the Santa Monica Main Street Farmers Market 

If you’re interested in visiting this Santa Monica farmers market, you can visit on Sundays from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm at 2640 Main Street. Depending on the season, you can expect to find organic eggs, honey, baked goods, Asian vegetables, olive oil, jam, fruits, nuts, hummus, and more. So the next time you find yourself wondering what to do on a lazy Sunday morning after grabbing your favorite Santa Monica breakfast burrito, consider checking out the Main Street farmers market- your community will most certainly thank you for it.